8 Unpleasant Side Effects of Pills Your Doctor Did Not Tell You


When we talk about the birth control pill is always the most common solution. Though there are many ways of preventing pregnancy such as using condoms, ligation, IUD, etc. But did you know that taking pills have disadvantages that may harm your health over time?

Numerous investigations have conducted on consuming pills. As of 2012, the National Health Statistics reported that 62% of reproductive women from 2006 to 2010 are using contraceptives like pills. However, pills have advantages too.

It helps regulate the women’s menstrual cycle which is very important for their fertility state. Moreover, it lessens menstrual cramping, prevents acne and ovarian cysts and even cancer. However, you must also know what are its disadvantages that will surely affect your health.

Here are 8 side effects of pills that may threaten your life over time.

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  1. Pills can Cause Vaginal Yeast Infection 

Hormonal imbalance resulted in this infection. And it will become worse if the person is taking oral contraceptives. And in the worst scenario, if the affected person has diabetes.

  1. Pills can lead to Breakthrough Bleeding 

An estimated 50% of women who use pill experience bleeding from the vagina before periods start. This situation will occur within the first 3 months after taking the pills. This intermenstrual spotting happens because the body is adjusting from different kinds of hormones present. But if you think your intermenstrual bleeding is not normal, visit a physician right away.

  1. Pills Affect your Vision 

Taking pills will change your hormone levels. If this happens, this will lead to fluid retention in effect, your corneas will swell or change its shape. Then if you are wearing contact lenses these will not fit anymore. In this case, visit your ophthalmologist right away especially if you think that this is something serious.

  1. Pills will Cause Headaches 

When women start taking their pills they may experience a mild headache. Experts advised in taking their pills should be after a meal or at bedtime to lessen the headaches. However, if the headache is persistent, seek a medical expert right away

  1. Pills Affect your Sex Drive

Contraceptives will change the hormones, which in return affect the sex drive in some women. If it affects your intimate relationship with your partner seek an appointment with your doctor to discuss the matter.

  1. Pills will Enlarge your Breast

For most women bigger breasts are attractive and beautiful. One of the side effects of pills is breast enlargement or tenderness. But if there’s a lump in the breast either left or right side accompanied with persistent pain and tenderness, consult a doctor right away. However, to lessen the discomfort you should reduce your caffeine and salt intake and wearing a sports bra will also help.

  1. Pills Affect your Monthly Periods 

There are some cases even if you are taking the pills on time and without missed, still period is not showing up. Though many factors contribute to this abnormality like trips, sickness, stress, and hormonal imbalance. But while taking the pills, the period was missed or if it shows it’s not usual or just light, you should see a physician right away for medical advice.

  1. Pills will Make You Fat 

No clinical studies have found that contraceptives affect your weight. However, women who are taking pills feel some changes in their body such as fluid retention, especially in breast and hip areas.

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